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No matter if you are on a hunt of a lifetime, shooting for the the top of the podium on the world stage or jsut shooting your bow for fun, we got you covered. Madgoat bowstrings are build by a passionate craftsman and not by a hourly employee. This means that the qualtity can not be matched.

Why Use Custom Bowstrings?

The answer is simple. Your entire setup revolves around your string, and if you have a poor strings then your accuracy down range will show. From making sure the peep comes back perfectly staight everytime, to haveing no string stetch out of the box. We build the most reliable and consistent strings on the market. We dont have hourly employees mass prodcuing strings. Our strings are built 100% by the professional craftsman. Whether you are a professional archer, the most hard core hunter or weekend warrior, our strings will make you and your equiptment even better.

About the minds behind MADGOAT

Learn about Tim Gillingham and Justin Ertal. Both are very successful professional archers and hunters. Find out why they started MADGOAT!

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What our shooters are saying?

“Mad Goat strings are top of the line for me. I’ve shot with a lot of different string companies in my archery career and Mad Goat is by far the best. There’s no peep twist and no stretching. I absolutely love these strings"

Ben H.

“The team at Mad Goat really knows what they’re doing with bow strings. Professional people to work with and very knowledgeable in their field”

Luke J

“As a tournament archer and avid bowhunter, I put all my trust into mad goat strings because they are indestructible and no matter the situation, I don’t have to worry about the strings failing"